Aue Verlag 98 x 35 x 27 cm. modello: Tower Bridge

Aue Verlag 98 x 35 x 27 cm. modello: Tower Bridge
Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Tower Bridge LondonColored model to cut out and stick!Material: Paper. CardboardNumber of sheets: 8.5Standard: 1:300Degree of difficulty : 2The manufacturer classifies his models under 5 degrees of difficulty:'Child model': very easy and with childlike motives '0': Beginner model '1': Easy'2': Moderately severe '3': DifficultTower Bridge leads over the Thames and connects London city centre with the suburb Southwark. The Tower is situated nearby. the former notorious prison in London which gave the bridge its name.With the economic upswing in the second half of the 19th century. the docks to the east of the city became more and more important and the population increased constantly. Traffic in this suburb could only reach the other river bank by crossing London Bridge. As it was completely overburdened. the journey to the opposite side of the Thames could last several hours. Not even two newly-built tunnels were able to solve the problem. Finally a new bridge was commissioned. It was already popular with tourists and onlookers while being built. At that time it was an outstanding symbol for the technical progress of the 19th century with its spectacular style. It took eight years to complete. On 30 June 1894 Tower Bridge was ceremoniously opened by Queen Victoria.It consists of a steel construction in Victorian style. lined with granite and Portland stone. 33 metres above the road walkways lead between the two bridge towers to the other river bank. The road can be lifted at both sides to allow larger ships to pass through. The anchorage of the bascules and some machines are built into the bridge piers. The system has been operated by electricity since 1976. On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth''''s Silver Jubilee in 1977 Tower Bridge was painted red. white and blue. An exhibition in the towers and on the walkways illustrates the construction and the history of the bridge. The former
Scale ratio: 1: 300
Strumenti necessari: forbici. coltello per modellare con snap off Blade. colla a base d' acqua. righello e pin
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Made in Germany

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